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GE 21 MW Gas Turbine Generator


Manufacturer: General Electric
Model: G5301
S/N: 214304

Base power is rated at 21.15MW with a peak power reaching 26.65MW. It is a gas-turbine unit with a Speedtronic Mark VI-E control system and EX2100 exciter. It is also dual-fuel capable with # 2 oil and natural gas. This unit was overhauled in 2004 with service records until 2011 -. it has a new atomizing air compressor and miscellaneous spare diesel starting parts available Battery backup for black start capability (60HZ) and a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) with a steam flow of 40,000 pph unfired. Expandable for duct burners, increasing the flow up to 200,000 pph. Operation pressure runs at 600 psi @ 700 degrees F.

The gas compressor is a Clark Brothers CMB-2 (natural gas), manufactured in 1976 and rebuilt by CECO in 1995 (S / N 8350), running at 600HP complete with control system, tanks, valves, MCC, cooling and spares. You have the option to run in parallel 320 psi or at series 650 All of the service was guaranteed by GE with all General Electric parts A full inspection report is available. The summary states the plant was shutdown on March 8, 2004 for a major overhaul spanning 6 days, incorporating two 10 hour shifts daily. Total work was completed on April 13, 2004, with all indications satisfactory.

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