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Lucent 216 Strand Fiber Optic Cable (NZ-DSF)


216 Strand Fiber Optic Cable Stock for metro/long-haul applications.

This Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted Fiber (NZ-DSF) cable was received into stock between October 1999 and January 2000 at a cost of more than $USD 60mm and is still under the 30-year manufacturer’s warranty.  To replace this fiber optic cable today, it would cost $USD 70mm.  We are asking a fraction of what it would cost to replace today.

Approximately 1100 KMs (683.5 miles) of Lucent, Accuribbon Type, True Wave (TW), 216 Strand Fiber.

All cable stored in secure warehousing in Germany on 6000 meter reels.

There are no export restrictions on the cable whatsoever.

Partial Sales (for example 1/3) of commodity possible.

For detailed specifications and a current engineer report, please see the PDF below.

Available Now, Ready to Ship.

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